The 20th European Conference on Foundations of Physics

8-10 July 2020 (December 2020 or later), Paris


Following the very successful previous editions at Utrecht (2018) and London (2016), this conference brings together philosophers of physics and physicists to discuss foundational and philosophical questions of modern physics.

100 contributed talks and 5 invited speakers will cover the most diverse foundational aspects of physical theory and experiment. Parallel sessions will address the philosophy of quantum physics, space-time physics and quantum gravity, and statistical mechanics.

We gratefully acknowledge support from CEA, IHPST, Université Paris 1, DIM Sirteq, FQXi, and Collège de physique et de philosophie.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the conference will not take place in July as planned. A decision on possible new dates in December 2020 or later will be made no later than September.


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